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This High quality, Powder Coated, Steel Tree can be built in different formats up to 7' high or even flat against a wall.  The drip system maximizes the potential of your favorite plants.  Put on a timer & it will water up to 16 plants at once. 

We Truly Care

We are a home based business and this is our patented invention.  We have been selling these for over 5 years across Canada and the feedback is amazing!  We stand behind our product and you deal with us personally . If something happens a bear toppling your planters while eating the strawberries :).....we'll send you new parts!



We love our Terrace Garden Planters.  They beautify our yard, and are the summer attraction in our neighborhood. 

--Elizabeth Proctor

We moved from the country into the city and therewith lost the opportunity to have a garden.  Terrace Garden Planters gave us that opportunity back again!

--Rod Tribiger

The News

OUR customers have reported back to us that this planter is consistently improving their gardening .  

It has been used for... herbs, tomatoes, cannabis, strawberries, lettuce, carrots, potatoes, flowers, vines and as privacy dividers.  Endless possibilites! 

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